Rapid Reporting Exam Revision

The Rapid Reporting Exam is a component of the FRCR 2B exam. It is an area that can be easily neglected and often proves to be the downfall of many high calibre candidates. Paradoxically, this is the one component of the exam that through good preparation most candidates can score highly and even attain full marks! FRCRScholar have devised a unique revision platform for the Rapid Reporting Exam.

Over 1500 high quality questions cover the spectrum of pathologies, normal variants and radiographic projections you are likely to encounter in the real exam. Fifty Reporting Sets have been carefully constructed with varying complexities and pathologies. The exams are timed and are marked. A Multi-functional image viewer helps you to navigate through each set with full image manipulation facilities.


Our unique Custom Express feature allows you to build your own exam sets or simply revise any systems that you feel you need to improve on. Custom Express is also ideal for on the go revision with bite size packets and instant feedback.

Keep Track

Our Analyse tool helps you track your progress and compare your performance with your peers. Analyse allows you to smartly breakdown your performance, identify patterns of weakness to help you strategize your revision.

Review Areas

Fifty snappy Power Review tutorials developed to help you sharpen your observation skills and improve your diagnostic yield.

Rapid Reporting Features

Fifty dedicated exam sets

1500 High quality images

Multi-functional image viewer

Custom Express


Power Review